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From Paper to Digital Appointment Management - GraziosiSandro S.R.L.​

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Our customer has more than ~800 appointments on-going and 50~80 appointments are completed and created every day. Overlooked by a single person. On his calendar, there are stacks of calendar events filling up on every section. Most of the time our customer was spending time on the phone searching for the details of the appointments. Everything was becoming a high priority as people were waiting and on-hold to get information.

After a handful of development iterations with YesBut. We have successfully released the appointment management system providing the exact solution the customer was seeking for. Information shared with the entire team, consistent information, at any time, from any device (Mobile and PC). 

As a result, much less calls to exchange little details. More focused on handling critical tasks. Shifting the energy to more important tasks. These days when you go to GraziosiSandro S.R.L. Everyone’s screen is covered with AMS. Yes, we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Graziosi Sandro S.R.L. - Hydraulic and Thermal Systems

Graziosi Sandro S.R.L, since 1980, has been leading in hydraulic and thermal systems, in installation and maintenance field work services. One of the largest companies located in Marche, Italy. Has the best reputation among architects and particularly known for delivering absolute best quality.

Hundreds of hand written reports were stacking up

Our customer has more than 800 appointments on-going everyday. At the same time, new appointments are received through calls and emails. Scheduling them is a challenge, and also keeping track of each appointment is a huge responsibility. Every day, a stack of reports were accumulating and millions of phone calls were arranged throughout the day.

It was about time to scale up

We started putting appointments in the database. Specifying the type of appointment, how urgent the appointment is, and the date that has been agreed with the customer, and most importantly who is assigned to the appointment. 

Field workers would open their mobile phone and find what appointments were assigned to them. What to do today? Where to go? were answered. Administrators start to visualize what appointments are done, or what appointments still to be completed through a click of a button. When a customer calls and asks, administrators already have all the history of appointments. Able to respond immediately. Each role had access to information they needed in time.

Reducing redundant communication, leading to saving time being able to scale up.

Seemless connection from office to the field

Typical call from the customer would be “A heating system is broken, can you come and fix it ASAP?”. Gathering who the customer is, what type of work is required is gathered through the phone call and registered in the database. If there is urgency such as in this case, a big flag will be applied to the appointment and will be scheduled immediately. Administrator will look up the calendar and see who is available. Assigns the field worker.

Field work then would pick up the details of the appointment, and list out all materials and tools that are required. Warehouse operators see the list, and go around the warehouse then pack the materials or make a purchase order. Once all preparation is done, field workers visit the customer and perform the intervention. 

Field worker takes a picture of the worksite when work is done. This is an important part of the work as office staff will get visual information of the work at the desk. As work gets done, invoices will be generated based on the materials and hours. 

Keeping consistent communication between customer, field worker, warehouse operators, and administrators are the key points of our implementation.

What our client says

Raffaele Graziosi, Executive manager

“Managing the operations of a company of 30 people is not easy. The software existing on the market are made without taking into account the real needs of a company that deals with plant engineering. Thanks to the intense collaboration with Yesbut we have been able to create a platform that is at our taste. Now our workflows are imprinted on the system allow you to smoothly carry out the organization


This project brought clear changes to the workplace. Graziosi Sandro s.r.l. gaining more control over their business. Now, their core workflow is in the database. Enables to trace, and analyze the past, current, and future on the state of the business. Making informed decisions, improved integrity in the response to their customers. 

One of the key reasons for success is due to the willingness of the CEO to digitalize. He understands the value of the digital process. Proactive to push the solutions to the employees and making decisions to step forward. 

After the project has been released, there has been more ideas coming from the employees. Such as integrating warehouse systems, purchase orders and timesheets. It is a great pleasure to see customers enjoy our products and continue the journey of digitalization.

Story carried out by YesBut, CEO, Un Kyu Lee, 09.2021